Is it Illegal to Drink on the Beach?

Imagine, if you will: it’s a perfect, sunny day. The sky is a shade of blue to rival the ocean that meets it on the horizon. The ocean waves are ideal for whatever water activity you have planned. The breeze is just enough to cool, but too light to kick up any sand into your drink. And that drink? It’s an ice-cold beer or a perfectly smooth daiquiri. It’s every vacationer’s dream. Until it isn’t. What that vacation Read More

Federal vs. State Drug Crimes

Federal drug crimes are, essentially, the same as state drug crimes. All of the different drug types that are illegal to either possess or sell in state court are also illegal to possess or sell in federal court. There are a couple of areas in which the federal and the state differ regarding drug crimes, some small, some major. One of the minor differences between federal and state drug charges is a matter of Read More

What About My Right to a Speedy Trial?

It is important to understand that the court systems in every state, county, and municipality operate a little differently from one another. While you may be familiar with the general process in one court system, you may find that the courts just one county over have a strikingly different process. The court procedures which we are most familiar with, New York and Los Angeles thanks to film and television, should Read More

What is a Bench Trial?

Courtroom Most people are familiar with what a Jury Trial is because we see them all the time in film and on television: you have a jury of twelve sitting in a jury box while a prosecutor and a defense attorney take turns calling witnesses and objecting to one another’s questions, after which the jury deliberates and decides whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. A Bench Trial is different because you do Read More

What are Good Questions to Ask a Potential Attorney?

If you’re looking to retain a lawyer to defend you on a case, there are certain things that it would probably behoove you to ask them. It’s helpful to have someone that you relate to and who you can tell your story to, tell what’s going on in your life, and to have someone who cares about you and genuinely wants to help you. But retaining a lawyer is not just about you feel good about emotionally, you should also Read More

Quick Guide to CSC Charges in South Carolina

Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in South Carolina are the crimes of sexual assault, rape (including date-rape and statutory rape), and child molestation. Sexual assault charges are sub-divided between conduct against an adult (Criminal Sexual Conduct) and conduct against a non-adult (Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor), which is further sub-divided based on the age of the alleged victim at the time of the alleged Read More

How Can I Clear My Record?

Maybe you are applying for jobs, maybe you’re applying to school, or maybe you’re just being proactive about your background. Either way, you may find that you have arrests or convictions listed on your background check that you want to get removed. There are a few things you should know when considering clearing up your criminal record in South Carolina. Clearing your record generally means getting charges expunged Read More

Should I Answer Questions from a Law Enforcement Officer?

We are frequently approached by people who have had a law enforcement officer come to their home or business asking them questions. These people want to know if a) they need to answer these questions and b) they should have an attorney present when speaking to these law enforcement officers. There’s really no complete right or wrong answer to these questions. Should somebody answer questions from any law Read More

What Makes a Felony DUI?

What makes a DUI a felony in South Carolina is that someone is hurt, or possibly killed, as a result of a DUI accident. There are two types of Felony DUI, depending on the result of the accident. A Felony DUI with Death is very serious – like a homicide, it carries up to 25 years in prison. A Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury carries up to 15 years in prison. All the elements of a Felony DUI are the same, except Read More

What Are Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court In Federal Court, sentencing after a conviction or plea bargain can be fairly predictable. This predictability comes from the fact that most (though not all) federal courts will fairly closely follow Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Knowing what these Guidelines look like means that a lawyer can have a pretty good idea of what sentence is most likely before the Read More