What to Do If a Friend or Loved One Is Arrested

The phone rings at 3:00 a.m. You’re instantly alarmed: has there been a death in the family or a devastating medical emergency? When you answer, you find out that it’s something nearly as bad: a family member or friend has been arrested and needs your help. What do you do? Determine where they are First, ask where they are being held and by what police agency (i.e. local, state, FBI). Then tell them that you will Read More

There's Nothing Minor About a Misdemeanor

You’ve been charged with a misdemeanor that you didn’t even commit. Your friends suggest that it’s not worth hiring a lawyer to fight it. It’s only a misdemeanor, right? That’s a minor charge. Actually, it isn’t. Not where your future is concerned. Every year, people across the country plead guilty to misdemeanor crimes that they did not commit. Although miscarriages of justice, these incidents rarely make it into Read More

The Police Want to Search my Home. Should I let them?

Having the police knocking at your door is intimidating, even if you’ve never broken a law in your life.  Whether you’re being investigated by the police or not, it’s a good idea to think through this situation and be prepared, so that you have a plan should you find police outside your front door. In this blog entry we go over the basics. No warrant – no entry Your home is entitled to the highest standard or privacy Read More