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About Child Abuse And Child Neglect Charges

Child abuse and neglect can take many forms:

  • Intentionally use unreasonable force that results or is intended to result, in injury to a child
  • Knowingly allowing a child to be abused
  • Intentionally deprive a child of basic necessities
  • Child abandonment
  • Knowingly create a risk of harm to a child’s physical, mental or emotional well being
  • Allowing drugs to be present around a child

Child molestation charges can be brought forward based on nothing more than the word of an accuser. False or influenced memories, fear, emotional issues and other reasons all can be the underlying cause of a false accusation.

False Child Abuse or Molestation Allegations

We understand that motives can sometimes prompt people to make false allegations of child abuse crimes. Marital or family situations, motives of gain such as blackmail, revenge and other motivations can be the basis of false claims. Scrutinizing these situations and thoroughly investigating the personal history and credibility of anyone who has made false statements is a key defense strategy. However the most important thing one can do is seek professional advice as early as possible in the process.


Your Future Is Literally On The Line

As you probably are aware, due to the seriousness of a child abuse or molestation charge, a conviction will change the course of your entire life. While being accused of a crime is a harrowing experience, unfortunately these charges make it even more so.

VIDEO: What Is Criminal Sexual Conduct With A Minor?

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