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Quick Guide to CSC Charges in South Carolina

Gavel and Cuffs 1 Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in South Carolina are the crimes of sexual assault, rape (including date-rape and statutory rape), and child molestation. Sexual assault charges are sub-divided between conduct against an adult (Criminal Sexual Conduct) and conduct against a non-adult (Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor), which is further sub-divided based on the age of the alleged victim at the time of the alleged conduct.

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) is used for charges of sexual assault or rape against an adult or anyone over the age of sixteen. Sexual assault, as a term, can cover anything from unwanted touching or groping to forcible penetration. Victims of sexual assault can range from casual acquaintances to friends to family members.

Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor (CSC w/Minor) is used for the very serious allegations of child molestation. These charges are broken down according to the age of the victim: where the minor is under eleven, aged eleven to fourteen, or over fourteen but under sixteen. Charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct w/Minor are considered to be violent crimes and so are extremely serious.

CSC w/Minor can also be used in cases of ‘statutory rape,’ where both parties are under the age of sixteen. In this case, even if both teens believed they were engaging in a consensual activity, the older of the two (no matter the gender) can be charged with a crime.

All allegations of Criminal Sexual Activity are extremely serious. Anyone found guilty and sentenced under these charges will be required to serve 85% of their sentence, will not be eligible for parole, and will also be required to register as a sexual offender.

If you find yourself in a position where you think you are or may be investigated for Criminal Sexual Conduct, you do not want to hesitate to get a good legal defense team in place. These cases are very serious and carry a great deal of pressure, especially in terms of the defendant’s reputation and the reaction other people (and the media) will have to the charges, which can bring on feelings of shame and humiliation. If you think you’re going to be in that situation, or you are in that situation, contact us here at the Complete Legal Defense Team and we can begin showing you how to move forward and to deal with these charges.

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