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What to Do if You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence

Being faced with an accusation of domestic violence can make you feel helpless, worried, and afraid—and rightfully so. A domestic violence conviction can have profound consequences on your life, your future, and the lives of your loved ones. These consequences can include: Being removed from your home for the duration of any outstanding Orders of Protection Suffering a damaged reputation amongst your friends, Read More

Are You Under Investigation? Don’t Do These 4 Things!

If you’ve just discovered that you’re under investigation, your first impulse may be to panic. You may think about calling the police to tell your side of the story. Surely they will back off once you convince them that they’ve got the wrong person or, at the very least, the wrong version of what happened. Don’t count on it. If you’ve seen the movie My Cousin Vinny, you probably remember the scene where Sheriff Read More

Second Chances: How to Get Charges Removed from Your Record

Having a criminal offense on your record in South Carolina can be a hurdle in many aspects of one’s life, no matter how serious or how long ago the charges took place. Potential employers can see your whole record when they do a background check, and having criminal offenses can negatively impact your hiring potential. Getting admitted into school or getting a professional license may be more difficult for you. The Read More

How the Police May Get a “Confession” from You—Even if You’re Innocent

Getting brought in by the police for questioning would be scary for anyone, especially for people who are completely innocent of the crime they’re suspected of. Playing upon this fear, police officers have specific tricks and techniques that they use to try to get an individual to confess. Often times, these methods are so effective that they actually lead to an innocent person confessing to a crime they didn't Read More

What to Do and What Not to Do When You Get Pulled Over By the Police

One minute you’re driving along the Grand Strand enjoying a nice summer night. The next thing you know, you see blue lights in your rearview mirror. Just like that, you’ve gotten pulled over by the police! It’s a natural reaction to be a little nervous when you get pulled over, but allowing your panic to take over can lead to some costly mistakes. There are certain things you definitely should do when you get pulled Read More

The Ins and Outs of South Carolina Grand Juries

Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience, and not knowing what happens in the context of court proceedings can make anyone fear for their future. In South Carolina, there are two types of juries that handle crimes, and depending on the severity of the situation, the process for bringing someone to court can differ. Today we’re going to examine grand juries to better understand what they are, how Read More

Understanding the Discovery Process in a Criminal Trial

Many of us love watching crime shows on television, and often think that the procedures depicted represent the true inner workings of the court system. The process of presenting evidence (often in a surprise manner), calling witnesses to the stand, and giving testimony are all very dramatized on our favorite shows. Today we’re going to look at one section of a criminal trial called discovery; aptly titled, this part Read More

Hand Over the Keys: 7 Ways You Can Lose Your Driver’s License in South Carolina

While it might not seem like a big deal, having a driver’s license is a privilege which we oftentimes take for granted, and getting it revoked or suspended can seriously impact your life. Instead of having the freedom to go where you want when you want, your day to day routine is seriously impacted while you rely on others for your transportation. There are certain offenses which will deem you unfit for a license in Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Probation and Parole

Getting arrested can be frightening and confusing. There are several potential outcomes from sentencing and it is important to understand what exactly is taking place and what is expected of you. Two terms which occasionally are not correctly understood, especially by first time offenders, are “probation” and “parole.” Probation A person is given probation rather than being sentenced directly to prison or jail. Read More

Objection, Your Honor! Hearsay.

Generally speaking, criminal trials have extremely strict rules regarding what evidence can and cannot be utilized in court in order to demonstrate a person's guilt. These rules are intended to systematize the legal process and ensure everyone has an equal entitlement to a fair trial. They are intended to protect defendants from having evidence twisted and presented in a manner that portrays them as guilty, even when Read More