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I Got Arrested on Vacation and I Can’t Afford to Go Back for Court

i got arrested on vacation and i cant afford to go back for court

One of the main questions we get asked after being hired is whether the client will have to come back to court. This question is especially important to those clients who were only in Myrtle Beach for a short time (on vacation, passing through) at the time of their arrests, and for whom there could be great financial cost and considerable inconvenience associated with a return visit.

The answer to whether one would need to return for court depends on several factors. The first factor is which court is handling your case; in the summary courts it is far less likely that a client will be required to return to court. The general sessions courts will often require at least one return visit. This is partially due to bond conditions in place in these courts and partially due to the nature of the charges covered in the different court systems.

The second factor is the disposition the client wants or is offered. Many pre-trial diversion options do not require the client to return to court, though they will require the client to complete an assignment on their own and submit proof to the court of its completion. If no pre-trial options are offered, or if the client does not wish to accept the offer, a trial will always require the client’s presence.

The final factor is the responsiveness of the client. If a client is offered and accepts a pre-trial diversion, they will have a deadline to complete the assignment that completes the program. If the client does not meet that deadline, they may be required to return to court. Additionally, if the client does not keep in touch with their attorney, it is likely that the courts will require them to show up physically as a requirement of their bond condition.

The Complete Legal Defense Team understand that sometimes it is a hardship for our out-of-state clients to be required to return to court and will make every effort to prevent the need from arising. There are, however, some circumstances which may require a client to make a physical court appearance. If this occurs, we will be sure to provide as much lead-time as possible in order to make arranging the trip as stress-free as possible.

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