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I Have to Do ADSAP Twice?

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When you are charged with a DUI in South Carolina, you might also have your license suspended. Either, or both, of these issues could result in the requirement to take South Carolina’s Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP). And yes, since there are two different reasons that you might be required to take ADSAP, that also means that there may be a scenario in which you take the course not once but twice.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the license suspension and the criminal charge of DUI are two completely different cases. Because they are handled at different times and with different agencies, they each have their own individual consequences.

If you refused a breathalyzer test, or blew a .15 or higher, and you did not request an administrative hearing or if you requested an administrative hearing and your suspension was upheld, you will be required to take ADSAP before you can have your license reinstated at the end of the suspension period.

If you are convicted of or plead guilty to a DUI, in addition to paying a fine or serving jail time you will be required to complete ADSAP. The expectation for ADSAP following a DUI conviction is that you must enroll in the ADSAP program within thirty (30) days of the conviction date. Failure to enroll in or complete the program can result in being held in contempt of court.

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