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South Carolina DUIs: 5 Eye-Opening Statistics

It sounds appealing to meet up with friends after work and have a few drinks, but when you’ve had one drink too many and decide to drive home, your entire evening can change. Drivers in South Carolina have to be careful when it comes to operating a vehicle under the influence, and can face some strict consequences if pulled over and charged with a DUI. Let’s take a look at some statistics that puts this life-changing action in perspective:

  1. According to the CDC, drivers in South Carolina are far more likely to die in an accident related to drunk driving than others in the country. In the 21-34 age group, residents of the state are more than twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to the rest of the nation.
  2. Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that over 16,000 people have been arrested for a DUI in the most recent year in South Carolina alone. In 2014, the group worked to pass Emma’s Law which requires ignition interlocks on the vehicles of first time DUI offenders.
  3. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety notes an interesting fact – 68% of drivers who were involved in a collision while driving under the influence are male. This might make you think twice before getting in the car with your date after he’s had a few drinks.
  4. Did you know that your first DUI can cost you at least $1,000 as well as imprisonment for at least 48 hours? South Carolina law dictates these harsh punishments as a deterrent to those who think they can drive safely while under the influence.
  5. Drivers aren’t the only victims when it comes to alcohol-related collisions. In 2014 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documented that 209 children were killed due to an alcohol-impaired crash. Over half of these children were passengers in a vehicle where the driver had consumed more than their legal limit of alcohol, creating a dangerous situation on the road.

It only takes one moment, one poor decision to change your life forever. Before driving under the influence you must always ask yourself, is driving after drinking worth the risk to yourself, to your future, and most importantly, to the safety of other innocent drivers and pedestrians? If you have been charged with a DUI and need help with your defense, contact The Greg McCollum Complete Legal Defense Team today. We are here to help you resolve your case and get back to your daily life.

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