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4 Common Misdemeanor Misconceptions

Take a second and look up the word “misdemeanor” in a dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a crime that is not very serious.” Google explains that it is “minor wrongdoing.” These type of results are exactly what is wrong with the public perception surrounding misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that is considered to be less serious than a felony, but more serious than an infraction. And Read More

A Brief Guide to the Career Impacts of a Misdemeanor Conviction in South Carolina

A far too common misconception about criminal law is that a misdemeanor is not a big deal, or that it does not have any lasting effects beyond the penalty or sentence for the crime itself. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case, as we’ve discussed in a previous blog titled There’s Nothing Minor About a Misdemeanor, which you can read here. A misdemeanor has the potential to haunt you for years after you’ve served Read More

3 Major Risks for College Students Convicted of a Crime

College students often reside in a bubble, living out their university years with little fear of reproach or understanding of the long-term consequences of their actions. These young people are at a crossroads of maturation where many are prone to making mistakes and unwise decisions, particularly under the influence of alcohol, and at the same time they are also of an age to be considered adults with regard to the Read More

There's Nothing Minor About a Misdemeanor

You’ve been charged with a misdemeanor that you didn’t even commit. Your friends suggest that it’s not worth hiring a lawyer to fight it. It’s only a misdemeanor, right? That’s a minor charge. Actually, it isn’t. Not where your future is concerned. Every year, people across the country plead guilty to misdemeanor crimes that they did not commit. Although miscarriages of justice, these incidents rarely make it into Read More