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  • Greg Knows How Prosecutors Work and Think – Because he worked 5 years as a felony court prosecutor himself
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Murder Charges

In South Carolina, there are varying types and degrees of seriousness for homicide. Homicides include both murder and manslaughter and can be intentional or caused by reckless conduct.

Manslaughter is a lesser charge than murder. It may involve an accidental death, a death due to some type of negligence or an act committed in the heat of passion and would not normally be perpetrated if he or she had been thinking clearly.

Murder can be defined as when one person causes the death of another without legal justification. There are varying degrees of a murder charge and whether premeditation was involved is a key factor in these cases. Depending on the type of offense and other factors, in South Carolina murder may be punishable by life in prison or by death.



Your Future Is Literally On The Line

As you probably are aware, due to the seriousness of a murder or manslaughter charge, a conviction will change the course of your entire life. While being accused of a crime is a harrowing experience, unfortunately these charges make it even more so.


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