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Why should I hire a lawyer before I am charged with a crime?

Consult 1We are often contacted by individuals who have had the police stop by their house or call them requesting information. The reason for this police contact may be that these individuals are suspected of criminal activity, or that the police believe they may know something about some criminal activity they are investigating.
Regardless of why the police wish to speak to someone, it is important to know that every individual is entitled to have an attorney present if they are ever questioned by the police or an investigative agency.
Retaining an attorney before speaking to the police can be a critical step if you believe you may be the subject of an investigation. An attorney, once retained, can get between you and the investigation. The attorney can hear you out first to determine if there might be reason for a potential arrest and can then advise you whether to cooperate and give a statement or invoke your rights and not give a statement. Additionally, the attorney can determine whether the police have or are planning to get a warrant for your arrest, and, if you will be arrested, can arrange a surrender, pre-arrange bond and bail, and get you through the arrest process quickly and efficiently. 
It’s also important to be aware that an individual can invoke their right to an attorney at any time, even in the middle of a police questioning.
If you tell the police you want a lawyer, then the law says that all questioning must cease until an attorney is present. You should know that it is possible that the police may get upset when you ask for an attorney; they may get frustrated, but they will leave the room. It doesn’t matter if their feelings are hurt, what’s important is that you protect your rights.
If you’re in a situation where you believe you may be the subject of an investigation, the attorneys at the Complete Legal Defense Team can explain to you further what your rights and responsibilities are and how to proceed in an investigation. Contact us for a confidential consultation today.

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